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Requirements for NAPS Representation


A person must be a member of NAPS for 90 days before they can be represented or take advantage of the disciplinary Defense Fund (DDF).   NAPS has been approached many times by supervisors/managers looking for representation because of some type of action wither coming or has happened.   We will always give you guidance, but it will be limited.    


Members of NAPS have said many times that $20.00 per month is not a lot to pay for protection.  If you are not a member, you can call on me or any other member of NAPS to get an application.  


If you are an EAS employee, you should be a member of NAPS.


Good News


The bulletin board in the hallway just after you enter the building from the parking garage crossover is up.  We now need volunteers to start our INFORMATION STATION.  Calendars, notes, information, and even some training guides can be put on the bulletin board.  Look for it under the television as you enter the building on the second floor.


Sam Morse

President- NAPS Branch 73